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Papers and boards

Paper and board supports provide local support for collection items that reside on shelves, in drawers, or on some other surface that spans a large area. These supports can be used to separate stacked items and are extremely useful in providing support during transit or transfer. These supports are generally made from paper materials, textile sheeting, or thin foam sheeting that is made from inert plastic.

Mount for Baskets Damaged at the Base, Nancy Odegaard
Mounting System for Herbarium Specimens, Katherine Boyd Rankin
Padded Drawer and Shelf Liners, Margaret A. Fikioris
Storage For Buttons, Pins and Badges Angela Andres and Laura McCann
Support for Archaeological Textile Fragments, Margaret Ordoñez, Kathryn Tarleton and Linda Welters
Support for Bird Skins, Tamsen Fuller
Support System for Dense Storage of Small Repetitious Objects, Nancy Davis

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