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Malleable Supports

Malleable supports are formed to conform to the exterior or interior shape of the object and thus provide more evenly distributed support.  These supports are often constructed from multiple materials and are often layered to produce the desired effect. They are constructed by mechanically securing the layers or stitching, or with the use of inert adhesives. Attachment to the object is often fitted or mechanically secured with cotton twill tape, magnets or Velcro. Internal supports that are generally matched to the texture, and relative pliability of the item itself and are sometimes called “soft supports.” These supports can be mass produced or specific to an individual object or item type.

Circular Tyvek Pillows for Art Objects in Storage, Kate Wight Tyler
Flexible Housing Design for Storage of Ethnographic Objects in a Library
, Library of Congress
Internal Supports for Pliable Artifacts, Nancy Davis
Padded support for Cradleboards, Nancy Iona
Padding Tubes for Support, Nancy Davis
Support for Feathered Baskets and Caps, Virginia Greene and Lucy Fowler-Williams
Support for Hollow Objects, Scott Carroll and Dale Kronkright
Support for Wide-brimmed Basketry Hats, Virginia Greene
Support System for Feathered Headdresses and other Soft-sided Hats and Caps, Brigid Sullivan
From Heel to Toe: The Costume Institute Shoe Rehousing Project, Rebecca Bacheller and Lauren Helliwell
Tyvek & Polyester Needle Felt Moccasins Inserts, Susan Heald, Caitlin Mahony, Shelly Uhlir, & Cathleen Zaret
Backer Rod Foam Pot Rings, National Museum of the American Indian Move Team
Tri-Rod Foam Pot Rings, National Museum of the American Indian Move Team
Tyvek Covered Bean Bags, National Museum of the American Indian Move Team





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