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Courtesy Justine Cooper

Courtesy Justine Cooper

Storage cases can be considered containers. These come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and have been historically made from wood, wood composites and metals. Older units made from wood products are sometimes modified to prevent damage from volatile organic compounds. Current recommendations are that newer units should include effective, gaskets and light-colored finishes with an inert emission-free powder coating of adequate hardness.


Hermetically Sealed Case for the Storage of Objects in a Stable, Inert AtmosphereShin Maekawa, Frank Lambert, Frank Preusser and Eric Hansen
High-density Mobile Storage Systems (Compactors)David Fenner
Metal Frames for Raising Storage Cases Above Floor SurfacesStephen L. Williams
Mobile Compactor Storage System for Protecting Collections in Tropical EnvironmentYang Chang Man
Retrofitting Steel Storage Cases: Installing New, Improved GasketryToby Raphael and Donald Cumberland

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