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Modifications to the design of a specific storage solution can be made to specifically alter or isolate the environment of a storage solution. These types of solutions can change the gaseous content of an enclosure or significantly modify the relative humidity and temperature of a particular collection component. For the most part, this section does not cover solutions that involve room or building-level engineering or pest control solutions as these issues are covered in other resources such as the AIC Wiki, and

Construction of Anoxic Microenvironments – Project Airless, Amy Trafford, Lu Allington-Jones
Controlled Microenvironment Container System
, Charles O. Diesen
Desiccant Tubes for Storage of Unstable Metals, Dennis Piechota
Hermetically Sealed Case for the Storage of Objects in a Stable, Inert Atmosphere, Shin Maekawa, Frank Lambert, Frank Preusser and Eric Hansen
Micro-Climate and High Density Storage: Boxes for Archaeological Metals and Other Environmentally Sensitive Objects, Gretchen Anderson and Deborah Harding
Standardized Packaging Containers for Silica Gel, Toby Raphael
Storage of Living Cells in Culture, Frank P. Simione
Storage of Magnetic Tape (Audio and Video) Recordings, Robert Grotke
Storage of Radioactive Minerals, Ellen Warren Faller and Kenneth W. Price
Storage System for Odoriferous Skeletal Material,  Tamsen Fuller
Tanks and Liners for Immediate Storage of Waterlogged Collections, Nichole M. Doub

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