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Courtesy Justine Cooper

Courtesy Justine Cooper


A tray is a shallow container usually having larger base than side dimensions.  Trays are used to provide local support for collection items that reside on shelves or in drawers, especially when they are moved from one location to another. Trays are generally constructed of paper or plastic. Older trays made from wood or wood composites can emit volatile organic acids that may damage collection materials.



Arrow Storage Tray, Geoffrey I. Brown
Objects Secured to a Removable Tray, Rebecca Beyth
Polyethylene Foam Inserts for Specimen Trays, Robert Waller
Racks and Dividers to Organize Small Frozen Samples, Paisley S. Cato
Recessed Support for Fragile Specimens, Mei Wan Campbell
Support for Large, Lightweight, Flat Objects, Geoffrey I. Brown
Support System for Nests, Tamsen Fuller, Alice Blount and Carol Bossert
Support System for Small Taxidermy Mounts without Extended Leg Wires, Tamsen Fuller
Tray and Box Construction, Nancy Davis
Tray System for Dissected/Disarticulated Insects, Quentin D. Wheeler and Pierre R. Fraissinet
Tray with Polyethylene Foam Grid Separators, David Grattan and Margaret Morris
Tub and Divider System for Fluid Collections, James A. Cosgrove
A Vertical Storage System for Flat Plaque Baskets, Crista Pack and Nancy Odegaard

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