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Accordion-fold Divider System


Thousands of pieces of flatware were housed in over 50 boxes that were specifically chosen to fit into silver storage cabinets. The individual pieces of flatware were rolled in tissue and/ or polyester batting inside the boxes and not easily accessible for barcoding, digitization and other research. However a divider system was required that would maintain the current boxes leaving the same objects within individual boxes.


Kate Wight Tyler
Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum
2 E. 91st St.
New York NY 10128

Photo / Illustrator Credits: Kate Wight Tyler

Publication: 2017



Accordion-fold divider system that was designed to efficiently re-house boxes of flatware (but could work well for other objects of similar size/shape – hairpins, fans, pens etc.) and was mass produced by Talas using their archival board [Fig 1].

Figure 1. Accordion-fold divider system designed to efficiently re-house boxes of flatware


Materials, Tools & Supplies

Bristol Board 10Pt 48 X 72 Tan (Talas)



Cut above Bristol to:
60cm x 16cm
with crease lines every 3cm
yield = 16 pieces per board
(Talas custom fold job) [Fig 2]

Figure 2. Diagram sent to Talas to specify order


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