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Folders, Envelopes, Enclosures

Courtesy Hollinger Metal Edge

Courtesy Hollinger Metal Edge

Enclosing flat objects is a form of containerization that is used to isolate, label and sort individual items within a group. This section includes examples of enclosures for collection items that are stored in densely packed configurations but need to be separated from one another. Traditionally, these enclosures are constructed from polyester film, acid free papers and mat boards.



A Custom Housing for a Historic Photograph, William Bennett
Adaptation of Standard Matting Folders
, Virginia Greene
Encapsulation in Polyester Film using Double-coated Tape, Northeast Document Conservation Center
Enclosure for Broken Glass Plate Negatives, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts
Enclosures for Glass and Film Negatives and Lantern Slides, Sarah S. Wagner
Matting and Hinging Flat Paper Objects, Merrily A. Smith
Storage of Large Paper Objects, Sarah S. Wagner
Storage of Polaroid Black-and-White Photographs, Douglas W. Nishimura
Support System for Fragile Three-dimensional Objects: Shadow Puppets, Mei Wan Campbell
The Elephantine in the Stacks: Oversize Storage for Flat Materials, Jamie J. Roberts

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