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Courtesy Justine Cooper

Courtesy Justine Cooper

Drawers are components in a physical structure that support an object horizontally. Drawers have physical sides, and are usually accessed without a physical top barrier. They can be part of an enclosed or open unit and can be constructed so that they slide or glide out from a runner. Drawers can be constructed from wood, various wood composites, sheet metal, or various plastics. It is generally recommended that drawers be coated with a non-porous coating that does not emit volatile organic compounds.



Corrugated Polyethylene Foam Drawer Liners, Gerald R. Fitzgerald
Flat Storage of Tapa and Tapa Fragments, Diana H. Dicus
Housing Units for Skeletal Material, Mei Wan Campbell and Eileen Johnson
Plastic Storage Drawers, Charles Pettitt
Storage For Buttons, Pins and Badges, Angela M. Andres and Laura McCann

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