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Investigating Solutions

Practical-Solutions-cover-image-300x300This site presents the original content published in the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collection’s 1992 publication Storage of Natural History Collections: Ideas and Practical Solutions as well as updates and new solutions submitted by museum, library and archive professionals. Because the scope of this site is broader than that of the book the content has been reorganized by categories according to storage configurations rather than discipline-specific techniques. This is designed to stimulate the user to transfer and adapt the methods developed for one type of collection to another.

Each category is further subdivided into specific storage container, support or mount type which will bring you to the page with the articles.  Each article uses the same general template:

  1. Purpose – Why this storage solution was developed and what special considerations or constraints were present in creating the design.
  2. Description – A complete description of the storage solution with accompanying diagrams or images
  3. Materials, Tools & Supplies – Items used to fabricate the support, container or system. Generic names rather than brand names are given to encourage the viewer to select products according to their material composition and properties.
  4. Construction – Step-by-step construction techniques specifying the use of each tool, material and supply in the fabrication process.
  5. Comments – Notes on precautions, alternative materials and other helpful hints. Site users are encouraged to add updates, questions or suggestions as well as compare or contrast various approaches.



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