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Sharing Storage Solutions

This website provides information and tools so that institutions of all types, sizes and resource levels can learn how to create safe and appropriate storage solutions. These solutions were written by and for collection care professionals in all fields.  In some cases there are multiple examples to demonstrate that there is no single best solution for storage, it is about meeting the needs for your collection, in your space with your resources. Together we can build a resource where varied solutions are presented for adaptation and use across our field.

Why Improve Storage?

The 2005 Heritage Health Index Survey found that 89% of all collection holding institutions had inadequate storage facilities, citing problems ranging from lack of space to inappropriate environments. 65% of all institutions reported damage due to improper storage.  Improving the physical conditions in storage is a highly effective and easily achievable way to substantially boost overall preservation.

How To Use This Site

Articles on this site are organized by storage configurations rather than discipline-specific techniques. This is designed to stimulate the user to transfer and adapt the methods developed for one type of collection to another.  The Resources section of the site provides helpful tools for sourcing and constructing storage solutions. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the top menu bar to search using keywords.



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